About the CFL Workforce and Community Initiative


CFL Workforce and Community Initiative connects job seekers to employers throughout Chicagoland. We offer programs to give job seekers the tools and training they need to be successful. Employers tap into our pool of skilled and screened workers who have the work experience to contribute to a company’s growth. We work with companies to implement training programs and provide them with funding to ensure their workers have competitive skills.

As active partners in workforce development, we identify issues, develop solutions and share best practices from what we learn from job seekers and employers. We advocate for strengthening worker training and creating long lasting relationships with employers.

Our Services

Work with partners – employers, labor, community organizations, educational institutions and training specialists – to build and enhance the workforce pipeline.

Assist the economically disadvantaged – women, minorities, returning citizens, dislocated workers, and veterans – to develop the skills necessary to participate meaningfully in the workforce.

Help ensure that companies have the skilled workers they need to prosper and grow.

Provide a clearing house for the assessment, preparation and placement of job-ready candidates for family-supporting jobs in construction, manufacturing, and other vital and emerging economic sectors.

Develop strategies and conduct training programs based on industry demand.

Build model programs that combine industry partnerships and quality employers with employment opportunities that provide livable wages and strong benefits for workers.

Connect high school career and technical education students to promising career opportunities in manufacturing, the trades and emerging technologies, including renewable energy.


Funding for some of our services and programs is provided by:

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